Tentative Agreement - Early Details

A tentative agreement has been reached in our contract negotiations. Soon we, the members, will have a chance to vote on this.

Message from Lynn Stetler, President of local 2822:

I want to thank our Table Team for all their hard work: Sarah Sosa, Tykeska Crouch and LeeAnne McDonough. We fought hard, we presented our thoughts and opinions well and did so in most respectful way. I am most proud of our work and also to our folks on the EEO team. I feel certain that we did our best to get the most from the Employer we could. This is a three year contract. Who knows what the State of the County will be when we come back to the Table again. I hope some of you will be there. What I know for sure is that this is my last negotiations. It has been a privilege to lead this team and be a member of the 2822 through zeroes and good times. I am most proud that we have finally brought the wages of the lowest paid workers in Hennepin County and most of them in our Local up to $15.00/hr. They held this card until the very end knowing how important this was to us and to the whole team.

The vote will take place on Dec. 3. Stay tuned for voting locations and a more detailed summary.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Preliminary summary of the agreement by Jean Diederich, president of local 34:

Your Table Team members of the six AFSCME locals - 34,551, 1719, 2822, 2864 and 2938 – reached a tentative agreement with the Employer last night around 10:00 PM. We began the day at 8:00AM with the rally on the Public Service Level in the Government Center with our business following at 9:00 AM. We had a number of proposals and counter-proposals between our union folks and the Employer. You will receive a complete summary of the offer with all the nuts & bolts via US mail by the end of next week. The contract vote is set for Thursday, 12/3/15at 18 sites around the County – sites and times to beannounced later.

So, to get to what you want to know: 

Term of contract: three years so 1/1/16 -12/31/18 

Steps remain in place all years of the contract 

Base wage of $15.00 –means that all job classes with wages of less than $15.00/hour now will increase to $15.00 effective 2016 

General wage adjustment (COLA):

  2016           2017          2018         
Top of the wage range: 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
In the range: 1.5% 1.5% 2.5%
Minimum raise for those in range:   $0.27 $0.45


This means that folks will see a raise of at least $.27 in 2017 and $.45 in 2018.


Drop bottom steps for following job classes (note: there are currently no employees in these steps of the respective job classes):

Chemical Health Counselor eliminate bottom 4 steps

Chemical Health Counselor, Sr. eliminate bottom 4 steps

Child Support Officer eliminate bottom 2 steps

Child Support Officer, Principal eliminate bottom 2 steps

Community Health Worker eliminate bottom 2 steps

Corrections Counselor eliminate bottom 3 steps

Health Care Quality Improvement Specialist eliminate bottom 2 steps

LPN eliminate bottom 2 steps

Medical Examiner Investigation Assistant eliminate bottom 2 steps

Medical Examiner Technician eliminate bottom 2 steps

MHP Medical Services Coordinator eliminate bottom 1 step

Psychologist, Clinical eliminate bottom 4 steps

Social Worker, Psychiatric eliminate bottom 3 steps

Sterile Processing Technician eliminate bottom 2 steps

Training Specialist eliminate bottom 4 steps

Volunteer Coordinator eliminate bottom 2 steps

Volunteer Coordinator, Sr eliminate bottom 2 steps


Drop steps and move employees to new bottom step:

Social Worker eliminate bottom 6 steps and move 23 employees to step 7 (the new 1st step)

Social Worker, Sr eliminate bottom 3 steps and move 15 employees to step 4 (the new 1st step)

Planning Analyst eliminate bottom 5steps and move 10 employees to step 6 (the new 1st step)


Market adjustments:

Public Health Nurse one additional step at the top (5%) in 2016 and one additional step at the top in (5%)in 2017

Social Worker, Psychiatric, Sr. one additional step (5%) at the top in 2016 and eliminate the bottom step

Corrections Officer additional 2% to the top step in 2016; additional 1% to the range in 2016 and drop the bottom step in 2017

Corrections Officer, Sr. additional 2% to the top step in 2016; additional1% to the range in 2016; eliminate bottom 2 steps in 2016

Service Center Rep additional 2% to the top step in 2016 and eliminate bottom 3 steps in 2016

Sheriff’s Records Coordinator additional 2%tothe top step in 2016 and additional 2% to the range in 2016 

Veterans Service Representative additional 2% to the top step in 2016 and eliminate bottom2 steps in 2016

Community Health Worker, Sr. additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom2 steps in 2016

Medical Assistant additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom 2 steps in 2016

Social Worker, Child Protection additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom step in 2016 (this will move 28 employees up to the

new top step)

WIC Nutritionist additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016

Sentence to Service Crew Leader additional 1% to the top step in 2016

Service Center Rep, Sr. additional 1% to the top step in 2016

Legal Service Specialist additional 1% to the top step in 2016

We have Meet & Confer language on a variety of issues ranging from resources & tools to support workers in a mobile & regionalized work environment to technology changes and resulting impact to health care cost containment to work week schedule to efficacy of the Child Protection Induction unit to HSPHD work culture to HSR series issues workload & performance standards.

We have shift and weekend differential increases to bring those amounts up to $1.00 /hour by 2017 except for those that were already over $1.00/hour.

The health insurance agreement is what you have seen reflected in the open enrollment plan. 

Again, look for the complete summary in your mail box by the end of next week. If you have moved recently, please send me your new address so our records can be updated. If you have updated APEX with this information, it should be sent to the Council 5 office.

Thank you to all of you who have been wearing your green shirts on Tuesdays, who attended the rallies and informational pickets, who made phone calls to the Commissioners, who worked on our EE&O Committee (kudos for all their time, energy and hard work to pull everything off), who helped with informational meetings, who attended County Board meetings, who helped to craft our original proposal. Your contributions helped to get us to this spot.

Thank you to the Table Team members of Locals 552,1719, 2722, 2864 and 2938. You did good work. 

Last, but most definitely not least, THANK YOU to Alex Erickson, Brenda Louise, Kathy Kelly, Kenneth Garnier, Maggie Keating and Tywanna Gray. It has been a huge honor and privilege to serve with you on our Local34 Table Team. Your insights, wisdom, counsel, ideas, suggestions and tough decision making skills are so much appreciated by me. Our members will all benefit from your efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Feel free to share this with you coworkers.