Workers Tired of Putting Health at Risk

Local 1307 member Angela Onyemeh-Sea, an LPN, tells how excessive overtime affects their family life.

During their meeting with legislators, Local 1307 members taped photos on the wall and testimonials from more than 30 staff who had been injured on the job. Among AFSCME members alone, there were more than four dozen injuries just in 2012.

Injuries resulted from all kinds of assaults. Workers were attacked while giving medication, giving injections, doing blood tests, giving physical therapy, breaking up fights, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Staff were scratched, punched, beaten, kicked in the head, slammed onto tables or onto the floor, jumped from behind, choked, cut, or had hair pulled out.

One HST was stabbed in the eye with a pencil. Others endured concussions, memory loss, ruptured discs, torn rotator cuffs, or worse. One registered nurse, attacked last September, was still out of work six months later. The most brutal attack occurred in November, when a patient with a criminal history severely beat three staff members, including a security officer who suffered brain bleeding.