Tentative Agreement on Library Staffing Strategy

We have reached a tentative agreement with Library Administration and Labor Relations. Thanks to everyone who signed a petition, attended a Library Board Meeting, Commissioners Meeting or bargaining session. Thanks also to people who talked with their co-workers, asked questions and spoke publicly to their concerns regarding the Staffing Strategy. Our collective actions resulted in decisive wins.

The highlights of the agreement are outlined below. The full tentative agreement follows. We will be voting on the agreement at our June membership meeting next Wednesday, June 1st, 7pm at the Ridgedale Library. Come vote on this agreement; exercise your right as a full dues paying member. If you're not a full member you can sign a card the night of the vote! If approved, the changes will go into effect at the end of June.

Local 2864 will not be ratifying this agreement as it contains no contractual changes for librarians.


No Probation: We successfully fought back against compulsory probation for workers being moved into new positions. Because of our efforts no one will have to repeat probation.

No Expansion of Low-Wage, Non-Union Aide Position: The library will not be implementing the Aide position at this time. Last fall we fought hard so that no library workers would make less than $15 an hour. We are proud to have defended the rights of future library workers and the integrity of our work.

Elimination of OSI→OSII: Under the original staffing strategies plan, current PSA's and future Specialists would begin as OSI's then have to petition their supervisor to become an OSII. Under our tentative agreement all current PSA's and future Specialists will move straight into the OSII position.

Clarification of Job Duties: During negotiations we argued that a new job class should be created for PSA's. This job class would have followed the OSII pay scale, stay on a six month review cycle, and top out at the final three steps of the OSIII job class. The Administration refused our offer arguing that PSA job duties were not changing significantly enough to justify a higher paying job class. The Administration stated that OSIII’s will “take their duties with them” as they move into the Associate Librarian job class. We asked for written confirmation.

A forthcoming document from the administration will, hopefully, clarify the division of former OSIII tasks. We will continue to discuss this issue in our monthly meetings with management. We encourage you to document all new tasks you perform as Specialists for this purpose.

Step Increases: Everyone moving into a new position will see an increase. OSIII's moving into Associate Librarian positions will get a full step at implementation and another step after six months of training and a positive review. We also asked that all current Associate Librarians receive a step. Management offered a step only for current Associates Librarians in steps 11-13 to address compression with transitioning OSIII's.

After management refused to create a new job class for PSA's, we fought for a full step in the OSII range. Our proposal was refused. What we settled on is the following: all PSA's, after receiving their first full step in 2016, will slide to the OSI scale then slide to the OSI scale then slide to the OSII scale. Everyone in the step range will receive a ½ step. See grid bellow and official agreement for more details.

PSA-> OSI-> OSII-> +1/2 Step = New Pay Rate Increase
15.73 15.81 15.81   16.08 0.35
16.37 16.39 16.39   16.67 0.28
17.43 18.15 18.21 No half step 18.21 0.78



5/5/16 – Tentative Agreement - Library Staffing Strategy - Impact Bargaining

1. OSIII who are becoming Associate Librarians (no probation served)

On 4/27/2016, the Employer responded to the Union’s proposal with a tentative agreement regarding the OSIII’s who are becoming Associate Librarian’s.

· 5% increase to current wage and round up to the nearest step on the Associate Librarian wage scale. Then after 6 months, those Associate Librarians (previously OSIII) achieve the next step on the Associate Librarian wage scale. Following that the review and subsequent steps will resume annually.

· On a non-precedent setting basis and in an effort to transition the OSIII employees smoothly to the new staffing structure, the County will allow for a “special” review and eligibility for an additional step increase at the 6 month mark for those that are rated as Valued Performer or Strategic Performer without requiring those employees to serve a probation. (If an employee is not rated as a Valued Performer or Strategic Performer, they will remain in the Associate Librarian class, but would just not receive the additional “special review” increase at the end of the initial 6 months).

· This decision to provide a “special” review without requiring probation is for this transition only. Once the staffing study is implemented, we will return to the standard HR rule that requires a probationary period for a promotion.

o EXCEPTION: If there are any transitioning OSIII’s who have not yet passed probation as a county employee on the date of implementation, they will need to serve the remainder of their initial probation while in their new Associate Librarian class, i.e., unlike everyone else, their review date will not change on the date of implementation because they are not yet certified as a Regular county employee. If such new employee does not pass probation, they will be terminated; and/or their probation could be extended per HR Rule.

· On 5/5, the Union agreed to the above with the caveat that training be a deliberate, concrete and ongoing aspect of the job transitions as well as for current employees. Upon the “special review” that does not require probationary status however acts as the trigger to achieve a step in the wage scale. At the time of the special review, training shall be included as to what training was provided by the employer and completed by the employee. Anyone who subsequently does not achieve a step at the special review shall be provided with specific training opportunities as well. Annual reviews shall resume using the date of implementation to start the new annual review period.

· 5/5/16 – Employer confirms agreement regarding the financial transition as outlined and agreed on 4/27/16 document, and agrees to the training expectations described above. Employer also agrees to provide a document by 5/9/16 outlining the distinguishing characteristics between the OS2 and the Associate Librarian roles, including “what happens to OS3 tasks?”

2. Current Associate Librarians:

· On 4/27/2016, the Employer responded to the Union’s proposal with a tentative agreement regarding the current Associate Librarians who are at steps 11-13 will receive a step increase on the same date as the implementation of the class study. This serves to fix the compression issue.

3. PSA à OSII (no probation served because transferable class)

· The County’s 4/27/16 proposal agreed to the union suggestion to collapse OS1/2 for transitioning employees and also offered to slide the transitioning PSAs through the OS1 step on their way to OS2 and then grant one additional ½ step (as agreed on 5/5/16).

o EXCEPTION: Individuals who are transitioning from 17.42 to 18.21 will not receive the additional ½ step, in recognition that they are already receiving a significant increase.

· TA to Union proposal of 4/27/16 that new hires should be hired directly in to the OS2 classification, rather than subject to the OS1/2 junior/senior plan.

· Library Management suggests the evolution of this class (as well as the other classes) be a regular agenda item at Meet and Confer as we grow in to the next phase.

· Library Management is open to discussing a different working title for the OS2 classification, different that the originally proposed “Specialist”.

4. Librarians: No specific change negotiated

5. Other agreements/ understandings:

· The parties agreed to meet at the three, six and 9 month mark to review the transition, particularly with regard to the OS2 role. We will use the already-schedule meet and confers.

· The parties agreed to increase the number of attendees as the meet and confers to increase the representation of different libraries.

· “In charge pay” guidelines and Lead Worker roles can be discussed during meet and confer.

· To the extent that Library management holds other meetings evaluating the transition, they welcome the attendance of union-designated representatives to those meetings. Lynn and Cathy will coordinate the union reps for those meetings.

· Requests regarding rolling bags or technology to be handled individually with supervisors as needs arise, per normal processes.

· The Employer will not “meet and negotiate” over job classification. Standard HR processes remain available for individuals who believe their job is misclassified.


6. Union questions surrounding General Workers/Teen Techs and “Teen PSAs.

Separate from the Library negotiations, the Employer and the Union have been working on a series of information requests to identify if there are employees who work enough hours to meet the PELRA definition of “employee” but may have been inadvertently excluded from union membership. These discussions will continue and are somewhat separate from the immediate resolution needed on the Library –specific issues discussed on the previous pages.

Teen PSA workers- All Teen PSA workers who meet the definition of a public employee per MN Statute 179A present and future are local 2822 bargaining unit members and should be included in the bargaining unit.

5/4/16 – County Response: “Teen PSA” is merely a term for PSAs who happen to be teenagers. They are currently included in the bargaining unit (based on their classification PSA) unless they are Limited Duration No Schedule (which means we did not expect them to work the PELRA-required hours).


General Worker Position-

· The County is in receipt of the union’s request to move a variety of General Workers into the bargaining unit. See below. We are currently reviewing the duties of those General Workers the union has identified above as working enough hours under PELRA. We agree they work the hours in 2015, but do not agree that all of the positions are doing work that would otherwise be represented by AFSCME. Most of the positions are not Library, but rather IT positions for which there is not a union-represented “equivalent”. We recommend moving this part of the conversation to a separate meeting as it is not directly related to the Library study.

· The County will continue to employ Teen Techs in the General Worker classification (and notes that none of them worked enough hours in 2015 to be put on the union’s list above).

· The County will “hold” for now on any expanded use of the General Worker/ Aide classification until further discussion, which would include conversation at regular meet and confers. There was never any intention to move bargaining unit work out of the unit into a non-represented classification.

Substitute PSA and Substitute Librarians (and any other “substitute” version of an AFSCME represented job class in the library)

· How will the employer’s staffing strategy impact the use of substitutes?

· 5/4/16 –Substitutes will move to the same new classification and new working title as the class for which they are substituting. Substitutes will have to be put on step for their new class.

· Please provide the same information requested for Teen PSA’s for the substitute’s in AFSCME represented job classes within the library regarding which employees are substitute PSA’s and their respective hours worked broken down by week, including hire date.