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Happy New Year! The New Year's Edition has updates for our contract negotiations, musings on Janus, books to help us change the world, and a union word find! Read more >>>

The December issue has information on scholarships, an update on the Defense Committee, steward tips, some thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion, and Unionsgiving! Read more >>>

The November edition has Convention highlights, preparations for next year's Contract negotiations, Pussy Hats, and more!  Also, check your work email soon for seniority lists! Read more >>>

The October issue is chock-full of dates! Most importantly, the October meeting will be on the SECOND Wednesday of the month (10/11), plus County budget hearings, Meet and Confers, Library Board meetings, and wins for our members!

The September issue is ready! Read more about our continuing fight against bullying, discrimination, intimidation, and harassment in the workplace; learn about the upcoming Convention and more! Read more >>>

 The August issue is available now! There are updates on the Health Care bargaining happening now, anti-bullying and discrimination resources, letters from members, summer fun at the AFSCME Family Picnic and the Minnesota State Fair, and more!   Read more >>>

July's edition has more tips for new employees, lots of events (including a Know Your Rights training), info about Lost Time, and we're looking for a treasurer! Read more >>>

June's edition is full of action updates, the perspective of a substitute employee, an educational opportunity, and more! Oh, and we're looking for a webmaster! Read more >>>

May is a busy month for Local 2822! Commemorate International Workers Day with a march and rally on May 1, come to an open house before the next membership meeting, join our community at the In Heart of the Beast MayDay Parade and Festival, and more!

The April Newsletter is here! Get meet and confer updates, family and medical leave resources, membership meeting highlights, and more!

The newest New Voice is now available! We have election results, events, updates on workplace issues at HSPHD and DOCCR, Day on the Hill info, organizing opportunities, and more! 

"A New Voice" is Local 2822's monthly (or almost montlhy) newsletter. In each issue you will find articles about your rights as a unionized worker, upcoming meetings and committees, educational and social events and workplace issues.

Back issues are posted below.

The September issue of our newsletter, A New Voice, is now available.

Among other articles, check out the debut of a new column, "PELRAs of Knowledge" by Lindsey Fenner, about our rights as union-represented workers.

The May 2016 issue of our local's newsletter, A New Voice, is now available!

The March issue of A New Voice is now available! It's got, among other articles, statements from the two candidates running for Vice President of our local, Ali Fuhrman and LeeAnne McDonough. A contested election like this is a great way for members to exercise demoracy in our union. To vote, please attend the next membership meeting at the Golden Valley library on Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30 PM.

The February 2016 issue of A New Voice is now available. Lots of good articles as usual. Nominations for all officers of our local will be held at our next membership meeting on Wednesday, Feburary 3 at Ridgedale Library, 7:00 PM.

Ratification of our contract for next year, the soon-to-be-argued Supreme Court case Frederichs which threatens our union and how we're preparing, the meet and confer process -- all this and more in the January 2016 issue of local 2822's newsletter, A New Voice. Read more >>>

The November 2015 issue of our newsletter, A New Voice, is now available. Contract negotiations are now entering a critical phase. Please take action to support your union!


Contract negotiations continue. Find out the latest in this month's newsletter.

This month's issue is packed with news: reports on our local's recent victory in arbitration, on the first round of contract negotiations, and a special announcement of a union of union members.

Please read it! As contract negotiations with Hennepin County heat up, now's a key time to be informed.

Contract negotiations begin this month. Read the latest newsletter to stay informed.

The July issue of A New Voice warns about the looming Supreme Court threat to public  unions. Please read, stay informed and get involved!

The June 2015 issue of A New Voice is now available.

The May 2015 Issue of A New Voice is now available.

As we ready for this year's contact negotiations, stay informed by reading April's issue of A New Voice.

The March 2015 issue of A New Voice is now available.

Happy new year! The February 2015 issue of A New Voice is now available.

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