Local 2822: Hennepin County Clerical and Related


When you have a problem on the job, when you need information about your rights, when you want to know how to get involved, see a steward. Your steward provides leadership for the union in your work area.

To request steward assistance please call 612.470.2822 or email afscme2822steward@gmail.com. In order to assist you with an investigative meeting please leave your name, date/time/location of the meeting, work/home phone, and home email. If you have a question, please ask it and leave your work/home phone and home email for follow-up.

AFSCME 2822 Stewards

Steward Department Location
Genae Nicole
Chief Steward
Hennepin Health Grain Exchange

Sam Gutierrez
Chief Steward

HSPHD Government Center
Jayne Mikulay Library East Lake Library
Ali Fuhrman Library Hosmer Library
Susan Rose Library Franklin Library
Shane Clune Library East Lake Library
Brett Schlosser Library North Regional Library


Stewards receive training that helps them to address problems in the work place. They've become familiar with our contract by studying its provisions, answering questions from co- workers and investigating grievances.

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Susan Rose, Recording Secretary and Steward, Franklin Library

We have discussed work habits while on probation and documenting conflicting instructions. This month, we will cover coaching.

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If you have experienced intimidation, harassment, retaliation, or discrimination by supervisors, you can do something about it! Both the law and Hennepin County Policy prohibit this in the workplace. It is important that we protect each other as coworkers and take care of each other. We have several resources to fight this behavior at Hennepin County. We are stronger together! Read more >>>

By Susan Rose, Recording Secretary and Steward, Franklin Library

Last time, we covered dos and don’ts for new employees. This month, we will consider contradictory instructions and the need to document.

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By Susan Rose, Recording Secretary and Steward, Franklin Library

Welcome to your new job at Hennepin County! We hope you will have a great experience here. For the best chance of success during your probationary period, here are some recommendations, taken from actual steward cases.

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