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The November edition has Convention highlights, preparations for next year's Contract negotiations, Pussy Hats, and more!  Also, check your work email soon for seniority lists! Read more >>>

Shane Clune, Executive Board At-Large and Steward, East Lake Library 

As we focus on our local struggles and campaigns, it can be easy to forget what is happening to the labor movement nationwide. After all, when we look at the way things are moving, who wouldn’t want to turn away from the larger fight and focus on what’s in our direct control? Trump is filling the National Labor Relations Board with anti-labor hacks, and the Supreme Court will soon rule on the case of Janus v. AFSCME COUNCIL 31. We can’t change the makeup of a federal labor board, and we can’t change how five Supreme Court Justices feel about workers. But we don’t have to win those fights. We have to win the fights that come after. We will do that the same way we won the fights that came before: through solidarity and building class-consciousness among workers.

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Susan Rose, Recording Secretary and Steward, Franklin Library

Hennepin County’s Education, Engagement, and Outreach Committee draws from the six Locals of Hennepin County AFSCME. Our work is driven by the shared understanding that together we must educate, organize, and unite the workplace. We host trainings, actions, and a variety of low-key fun opportunities to connect with other Union members.

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I have been a Hennepin County employee for 11 years in HSPHD. I have dedicated most of my life to Hennepin County and I love the population that we serve. I have been trying to promote from an OS II to an OS III since 2010 (7 years). I‘ve been transferred to many jobs where the duties were specifically OS III duties, but only paid at an OS II pay rate. The Administrative Services department went through a major change when three of the top administrative staff were all fired. This left the staff wondering where we would go from there. Of course, many supervisors were moved around which meant there were different supervisors that came, but left shortly thereafter. When I started telling each supervisor my story, they were going to send my Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) to HR, then they were moved to another team and nothing was done. This went on for many years and with several supervisors. Finally I went to meet with the president of local 2822, Alessandra Fuhrman, and from there I felt that someone was actually listening. Read more >>>

The October issue is chock-full of dates! Most importantly, the October meeting will be on the SECOND Wednesday of the month (10/11), plus County budget hearings, Meet and Confers, Library Board meetings, and wins for our members!

 On August 11, 2017, AFSCME Local 2822 sent a copy of the Library Staffing Strategy Survey results to all of the Hennepin County Commissioners and the Library Board. Commissioner Callison replied on September 21, 2017 with an attached investigative report prepared by County Administration. Please feel free to share, copy, and discuss this report with your Library coworkers. The report continues to ignore the concerns raised by Library Workers in the Staffing Strategy Survey and at informational meetings. But we will not ignore you! Read more >>>

The September issue is ready! Read more about our continuing fight against bullying, discrimination, intimidation, and harassment in the workplace; learn about the upcoming Convention and more! Read more >>>

The officers of AFSCME local 2822 were nominated at our February 2017 membership meeting. There were no contested elections.

Local 2822 Officers
President Ali Fuhrman

720-771-8471 cell

Vice President Jayne Mikulay 612-543-8426
Treasurer LaKeashia Robinson 612-348-6186 
Recording Secretary Susan Rose
Chief Steward Genae Nicole 612-543-3366
Chief Steward- Sam Gutierrez 612-480-7264
Membership Secretary Rita Watson 612-596-7843
E-Board at Large Valerie Wiggins 612-596-8000
  Lindsey Fenner 612-543-5801
  Adonna Swift 612-543-2195
  Shane Clune 612-543-8426
Trustee Dari Kolstad 612-348-9942
  DJ Hooker 612-543-8500
  Lisa Daniels  
Delta Dental Trustee Ann Baird 612-543-0270
Good & Welfare Rosine Johnson

612-596-0970 work
952-221-7454 cell

Web Administrator Melissa Diaz

952-923-0014 cell


Minneapolis Labor Federation Delegates: Ann Baird, Shane Clune, Sam Gutierrez, DJ Hooker, Brett Schlosser

St. Paul Labor Federation Delegates: Rita Watson, Vacant

Our contract for the years 2016 to 2018 is now available (click "read more" to find a pdf link).

It's a long document which perhaps only a hardy few will read cover to cover. But if there's an issue you've been wondering about, like say "vacation time" or "severance pay" a quick Control + F search will take you to the relevant section.

It's worth noting how much it means just to have a contract. Many non-union workers are employed "at will," meaning they can be fired at any time for any reason, or no reason. Working under a union contract gives us rights to due process, which means a big chunk of protection and quality of life for us and our families.

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