Local 2822: Hennepin County Clerical and Related

Negotiations Day 2...

By Sarah Sosa, Steward, Executive Board 2822, Council 5 E-Board, HSPHD, Sabathani

For the second day of negotiations, September 3, 2015, we met in the Pohlad room of Minneapolis Central library. We awaited the employer’s response to our proposal. Labor Relations team gave us some initial verbal responses to our proposal. They asked for clarification on some pieces and said they would look further at others.

We look time to caucus after hearing the employer’s responses. When the employer came back in the room we presented them with our health care plan proposal and our wage proposal. They hoped we would settle the health care piece quickly, in time for open enrollment dates. We emphasized that achieving an affordable plan for members is our first priority and that the health care piece is so tied to the wages that we feel we need to establish how much money is on the table as a whole.

Towards the end we discussed working out the supplemental (parts of the contract specific to each local that are not included in the master contract) at the next meeting on September 14th. Unlike the first meeting, this one was significantly longer but I feel that we came well prepared with fair proposals. Stay tuned for September 14th...

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