Local 2822: Hennepin County Clerical and Related

Nurturing Trees and Careers

Local 1623's John Wizik

“Fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s probably 65 degrees and it’s sunny and you’re seeding and it’s just fun,” Local 1623’s John Wizik says. “There are probably thousands of people who would think I have the greatest job in the world. The Cities is just full of people who would just give anything to be able to live someplace like this and make a living. And I’m lucky enough to actually do it.”

Badoura’s Darin Wegner has similar thoughts about his job. “It’s given me a great opportunity to live where I want to live, and I appreciate that. And I’m proud of what we do. It’s a fantastic operation.”

“We do a special thing,” says co-worker Kathy Melby. “We do things that nobody else in the state does.” Plus, she says: “The trees smell so good! My favorite tree is the tamarack. I love tamarack. I think there should be a perfume. I could smell it all day long. Ahhh! I would pay for that.”

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