Local 2822: Hennepin County Clerical and Related

No Longer Working Out of Job Class in HSPHD

 I have been a Hennepin County employee for 11 years in HSPHD. I have dedicated most of my life to Hennepin Coun-ty and I love the population that we serve. I have been trying to promote from an OS II to an OS III since 2010 (7 years). I‘ve been transferred to many jobs where the duties were specifically OS III duties, but only paid at an OS II pay rate. The Administrative Services department went through a major change when three of the top administrative staff were all fired. This left the staff wondering where we would go from there. Of course, many supervisors were moved around which meant there were different supervisors that came, but left shortly thereafter. When I started telling each supervisor my story, they were going to send my Position Description Que-tionnaire (PDQ) to HR, then they were moved to another team and nothing was done. This went on for many years and with several supervisors. Finally I went to meet with the president of local 2822, Alessandra Fuhrman, and from there I felt that someone was actually listening.

Immediately Ali was ready to fight with me in solidarity. I met with her and gave her all of the details of my situation. I went to some of the meetings held by the union and felt really empowered and was happy to be a part of a bigger group of people that worked within Hennepin County and supported other employees. She invited me to a meet and confer with upper management to let them hear my story. I gathered all of my emails and Lync messages, placing them together on a timeline giving details of each date listed. I was ready to go and fight for what was rightfully mine.

Upon entering the meeting I was very nervous, but I would never let anyone know that I was. During this meeting, Ali looked over at me several times to see if I was ready to speak, and finally the floor was opened up to me and I started telling my story. I spoke with confidence and sat right across from my administrative manager, telling everything that took place surrounding my PDQ and my determination to see to it that my concerns were addressed. After the meeting, I sat down and spoke with the area manager and the administrative manager to discuss details and I handed them a copy of my timeline and emails/Lync messages to refer back to. The next morning when I came into the office, the area manager sent an email to me stating that she had signed off on the PDQ and submitted it to HR.

The following week, I heard that HR approved it and that they are working on an effective date in which to upgrade me to an OS III with a financial upgrade and back pay. I thank the union for being the platform in which I could get my story heard and I will forever be grateful. I now bleed green as a union member and my advice is to be persistent and never give up.

I am now transferring over to the Department of Corrections and taking on a role which I have a passion for. I know that this may be a different area with other issues, but I will still continue on with the union after my probation period.

In Solidarity,
A Longtime HSPHD Employee

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