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Health Care Consensus Bargaining Update--7/22/17

 Dirk Schot, Labor-Management Health Care Committee, Central Library

As part of our labor contract, every year the Labor-Management Health Care Committee has agreed to consensus bargaining to negotiate any plan design changes that will happen for the following year, in this case 2018. This was agreed to as a way for the Unions to have some say in how plan design changes would affect our members because the self-insurance plan may need to increase rates due to increased costs of the plan. If no consensus agreement is made, the County would still implement changes they deemed fit.

The County's actuaries have come back with a preliminary suggestion of a 10.3% increase in premium from 2017 to cover the increased costs. So, with these numbers the County and the Unions agree to try to find a consensus on any plan design changes that might save cost and reduce this overall percentage increase that all employees would have to pay. These could include options such as increasing co-pays for office visits and pharmacy and eliminating certain expensive pharmacies from the network, to increasing deductibles on plans, to possibly having additional charges for spouses using the plan. There are many options to discuss and unfortunately most of them will result in increased cost to our members. So, stay tuned, as bargaining began July 13 and an agreement must be made by August 31.

Those of us on the Health Care Committee will keep you informed so that you can give us your feedback and other suggestions on possible plan changes that could have a dramatic impact on your bot-tom line. Contact Ali Fuhrman or Dirk Scot, our representatives on the Healthcare Committee with feedback: afuhrman@hclib.org and djschot@hclib.org

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