Local 2822: Hennepin County Clerical and Related

A Short List of What a Union Means in Our Lives

  • Strength in numbers, which gives us power at work
  • A voice on the job – the ability to negotiate our working conditions
  • Power and influence in politics and legislation, which gives us the leverage to fight for better contracts and for the services we provide
  • The unity to demand respect and stand eye-to-eye with elected officials and department bosses
  • A grievance and arbitration process to protect against unjust treatment, discipline, or dismissal
  • Guaranteed wages
  • Pay scales that build careers and limit favoritism and discrimination
  • Guaranteed benefits, including health insurance
  • The ability to retire with dignity, including with a defined-benefit pension
  • Guaranteed vacations and other paid time off
  • Scheduling and overtime protections, including the ability to have a personal life
  • Seniority rights
  • Safer workplaces
  • Job protections, including probationary periods, posting requirements for vacant jobs, and bumping rights and recall rights in the case of layoffs
  • Access to training, research, and solidarity with 43,000 other AFSCME members in Minnesota

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