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Our contract for the years 2016 to 2018 is now available (click "read more" to find a pdf link).

It's a long document which perhaps only a hardy few will read cover to cover. But if there's an issue you've been wondering about, like say "vacation time" or "severance pay" a quick Control + F search will take you to the relevant section.

It's worth noting how much it means just to have a contract. Many non-union workers are employed "at will," meaning they can be fired at any time for any reason, or no reason. Working under a union contract gives us rights to due process, which means a big chunk of protection and quality of life for us and our families.

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Local 2822 member Tianna Lofton is in need of our help. Her house was recently destroyed with all of its contents. She and her family are safe but have no place to live. She has been out of work during this time. She is asking for vacation/PTO donations.

To donate, visit this link (Hennepin County login required):


Our coworker Jamila Wright has had to take FMLA, and has exhausted all of her sick/vacation time. Currently she will have to be out of work for additional time. Jamila currently works in Adult Protection, but has also worked in Corrections, Children’s Mental Health, and Child Protection. Please donate if you can. Thank you in advance.

To donate, visit this link (Hennepin County login required): https://hcconnect.hennepin.us/HR/Lists/VacationPTO%20Donation%20Program/Item/newifs.aspx

The February 2016 issue of A New Voice is now available. Lots of good articles as usual. Nominations for all officers of our local will be held at our next membership meeting on Wednesday, Feburary 3 at Ridgedale Library, 7:00 PM.

Our union's future is at stake in the Supreme Court case Friedrichs vs. California Teacher's Association, arguments held Monday January 11.

Conservatives on the court could deal a heavy blow to AFSCME and other unions by taking away our fair share members. It's a critical time for us to be informed, so please watch the videos below and talk to your coworkers! Signing up full members is our best defense.

A Council 5 media plan surrounding the Friedrichs arguments can be found under "read more."

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On Monday, Jan. 11, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that seeks to undermine our rights to negotiate for fair pay and benefits that sustain our families.

Bad boss barred from another attempt to decertify for a year Read more >>>

Ratification of our contract for next year, the soon-to-be-argued Supreme Court case Frederichs which threatens our union and how we're preparing, the meet and confer process -- all this and more in the January 2016 issue of local 2822's newsletter, A New Voice. Read more >>>

A tentative agreement has been reached in our contract negotiations. Soon we, the members, will have a chance to vote on this.

Here is a message from our President, Lynn Stetler, after the November 16th session of negotiations:

"I want to thank our Table Team for all their hard work: Sarah Sosa, Tykeska Crouch and LeeAnne McDonough. We fought hard, we presented our thoughts and opinions well and did so in most respectful way. I am most proud of our work and also to our folks on the EEO team. I feel certain that we did our best to get the most from the Employer we could. This is a three year contract. Who knows what the State of the County will be when we come back to the Table again. I hope some of you will be there. What I know for sure is that this is my last negotiations. It has been a privilege to lead this team and be a member of the 2822 through zeroes and good times. I am most proud that we have finally brought the wages of the lowest paid workers in Hennepin County and most of them in our Local up to $15.00/hr. They held this card until the very end knowing how important this was to us and to the whole team.

"The vote will take place on Dec. 3. Stay tuned for voting locations and a more detailed summary.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Click "read more" to find a preliminary summary of the agreement by Jean Diederich, president of local 34.

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University workers stand together to demand livable wages and reasonable family leave policies Read more >>>

Union and county representatives met on both October 8th and October 15th with a flurry of proposals and counter-proposals exchanged, reviewed, and discussed with necessary clarifications requested and provided. Much of that time was spent on tough issues such as workplace morale, dignity and respect and scheduling. Your Table Team members shared your concerns passionately on these issues with the Employer. The long hours spent at each session resulted in our being positioned to address the remainder of our language and economic proposal as we enter mediation with the employer in November.

We have reached a tentative agreement on the health insurance portion of the contract which will be what is offered during open enrollment next month. There will be increases in premiums with the employee and Employer splitting that increased cost as well as an increase in the cost of co-pays for generic drugs. Although increases are never positive we have mitigated the amount of the increase as much as possible. The reality is that our medical trend with Hennepin County insurance is changing. There are other significant and positive changes regarding insurance. We have entered into an agreemetn to utilize a consensus based model to further determine any change in plan design and future planning for Hennepin County insurance. This model provides a greater opportunity for collaborative work on the insurance plan alongside the employer. Rather than providing sole authority to the employer in future years we have asserted a place at the table to continue decision making regarding our insurance plan. We have agreed to use a consensus model for the outlying year(s) of the contract in regards to costs of family coverage.

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On Wednesday, October 21st, 50 library workers, union members and residents joined us at the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting to voice our concerns regarding the 2016 Proposed Library Operating Budget. Thanks to all of you who were able to make it and to those of you who lent moral support!

Lynn Stetler, President of Local 2822, and Mary Steinbicker of Local 2864, and Ali Fuhrman of Local 2822 each gave a brief statement to the Board while Library Director Lois Thompson sat next to us. See video below and text of speeches under "read more."

Our message was clear: we want 10 new FTE dedicated to front-line staff and a $15 base wage for all Library workers. Many of the Board members were receptive to our message.

Speech by Alessandra Fuhrman, PSA, local 2822


Speech by Mary Steinbicker, Librarian, Vice President local 2864


Speech by Lynn Stetler, Associate Librarian, President of local 2822

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The November 2015 issue of our newsletter, A New Voice, is now available. Contract negotiations are now entering a critical phase. Please take action to support your union!


On September 14, union and county representatives met for 12 hours. Locals met separately with their departments on supplemental contract issues specific to their bargaining units. We also came very close to a settlement on health insurance, however, work remains and we are unsure an agreement will be reached in time for open enrollment. Please stay tuned for ongoing updates on health insurance and keep in mind what you may see in open enrollment may not be the final agreement.

By Sarah Sosa, Steward, Executive Board 2822, Council 5 E-Board, HSPHD, Sabathani

For the second day of negotiations, September 3, 2015, we met in the Pohlad room of Minneapolis Central library. We awaited the employer’s response to our proposal. Labor Relations team gave us some initial verbal responses to our proposal. They asked for clarification on some pieces and said they would look further at others.

The first session of AFSCME contract negotiations with Hennepin County was held on Monday, August 10. From our opening statement (click "read more" below to find a pdf link to the entire proposal):

"Our interests lie in improving the wages, benefits and working conditions of all Hennepin County Workers. Our members strive to meet the Hennepin County mission statement of enhancing the health, safety and quality of life of our residents and communities in a respectful, efficient and fiscally responsible way."

"Our members have worked hard to achieve the mission, even to the point of sacrificing their own health and quality of life to do so. Insufficient staffing levels have left workers stressed and morale low. The time has come to rebuild the workforce by providing livable wages, support, maintaining honest department budgets and responsible staffing."

Contract negotiations begin this month. Read the latest newsletter to stay informed.

This short video by AFSCME explains why all workers chip in to support their union. Thanks to Molly Malecki for the idea to post it here!

Today's labor history video is WatchMojo.com's "Top Ten Labor Strikes in U.S. History."

For all the labor history buffs I know are out there in 2822: take a moment to make your own top ten list before watching, then hit play and see if you agree!


Fellow 2822ers, did you know that YouTube is not just a great source of cat videos, but also a pretty good source of videos about your rights as a unionized employee? Well, it is.

Here are a couple of videos about the Weingarten Rule, which is your right to union representation in a meeting with management:

When you have a problem on the job, when you need information about your rights, when you want to know how to get involved, see a steward. Your steward provides leadership for the union in your work area.

AFSCME 2822 Stewards

Steward Phone Department/Location
Genae Nicole
Chief Steward
612-543-3366 MHP
Grain Exchange Building
Sarah Sosa 612-543-2199 HSPHD
Lynn Stetler 612-543-6409
Hopkins Library
LeeAnne McDonough 612-596-8000 Public Safety Facility/
Central Records
Sam Gutierrez 612-460-7264 Health Services Building MC 961
Jayne Mikulay 612-543-8426 East Lake Library


Stewards receive training that helps them to address problems in the work place. They've become familiar with our contract by studying its provisions, answering questions from co- workers and investigating grievances.

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The officers of AFSCME 2822 contribute their time and expertise to serving our local.

Officers were nominated during the February 2014 membership meeting. All nominees were unopposed. For more information about officers click "read more" below.

Local 2822 Officers

Lynn Stetler

Vice President David Salmon 612-543-8426
Treasurer Tykesha Crouch 612-348-9964
Recording Secretary Jeanne Whetstone 612-543-6357
Chief Steward Genae Nicole 612-543-3366
Membership Secretary Rita Watson 612-596-7843
E-Board at Large Valerie Wiggins 612-596-8000
  Sarah Sosa 612-543-2199
Trustee Keven Larson 612-543-6463
  Jim Ruiz 612-543-6729
  Lucia Smida 612-596-0825
Delta Dental Trustee Ann Baird 612-543-0270
Good & Welfare Heather Clark 612-543-8523


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The constitution lays out the rules that govern our local. Read more >>>

The Standing Rules set  financial and other procedures of our local. Read more >>>

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