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The June 2015 issue of A New Voice is now available.


If you’ve never heard of fast track or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, here’s the basics you need to know to understand these trade policies -- and how to stop them.


The Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) issued reports recently detailing how the right-to-work (RTW) scam hurts workers by weakening collective bargaining and unions’ ability to negotiate good wages and benefits.


You might think a $2 billion budget surplus would make bargaining easier. But that’s not happening as negotiations ratchet up for new contracts that cover 17,500 AFSCME members at the State of Minnesota.


As public workers, we’ve deferred our wages for a guaranteed pension that allows us to retire with dignity. But our retirement security is continually under attack by politicians. That’s alarming because our pensions are legislated, not negotiated.

The latest pension attack comes from Rep. Sarah Anderson (R-Plymouth) and Rep. Tim O’Driscoll (R-Sartell). The Omnibus Pension Bill slashes funding to PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association), which provides pension benefits to public workers who retire from local governments.

Text PENSIONS to 237263 to be connected to your state representative, or call 1-844-913-7386 and follow the prompts.

Protect retirement security for public workers. Don’t cut funding for the MERF merger and don’t cut employer contributions to PERA.

Click "Read More" below to find a downloadable pdf with more information.

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This short video by AFSCME explains why all workers chip in to support their union. Thanks to Molly Malecki for the idea to post it here!

As we ready for this year's contact negotiations, stay informed by reading April's issue of A New Voice.

Today's labor history video is WatchMojo.com's "Top Ten Labor Strikes in U.S. History."

For all the labor history buffs I know are out there in 2822: take a moment to make your own top ten list before watching, then hit play and see if you agree!


Here's what's coming up in the Labor Movie Night film series:

February 20: Killing Floor

March 20: Made in Dagenham

April 17: Wisconsin Rising

May 15: No God, No Master

June 19: Pride

July 17: Modern Times

August 21: Citizen Koch

September 18: A Day Without a Mexican

October 16: The Delano Manongs

November 20: Burning Season

December 18: Chicken Run

All movies are at 6:00pm at the United Labor Centre, 312 Central Ave SE, Room 356 or 467.

See the flyer attached over the fold for more info! 

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Fellow 2822ers, did you know that YouTube is not just a great source of cat videos, but also a pretty good source of videos about your rights as a unionized employee? Well, it is.

Here are a couple of videos about the Weingarten Rule, which is your right to union representation in a meeting with management:

By Jim Ruiz, OSIII, Southeast Library

In protest of austerity measures proposed by a new center-right government, Belgian trade unions are staging a National Strike Day scheduled for Dec. 15th. Today, Monday, was the third provincial strike leading up to the National strike and included the capital Brussels.

What will make the strike so effective is that unions in Belgium are divided not along industrial lines but political ones.

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By Sarah Sosa

A group of 40+ Hennepin County workers gathered in the Government Center Auditorium on a brisk Wednesday afternoon to hear their fellow union activists describe their experience of strikes in their workplace. The panel of speakers was AFSCME Local 552 Vice President and probation officer Tim Turentine, President of AFSCME Local 3800 clerical workers at the U of MN Cherenne Horazuk, AFSCME Council 5 Metro Field Director Joyce Carlson and local author and labor lawyer Joe Burns. Each speaker outlined the issues in their workplaces that led up to their group’s decision to engage in strike tactics as well as the challenges and victories they encountered along the way.

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Accepting a National Book Award, the legendary science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin had some unminced words to say about the state of publishing and writing today, and on hope for a better future.



 This month's issue of A New Voice is full of timely articles about issues in our workplaces. Check it out!

Local 2822 member Ali Fuhrman created a Labor History display entitled "Labor History: The Story of Working People and Collective Struggle" for the Oxboro Library. The display includes historical posters as well as materials related to Minnesota Labor History, African-American Unions, and Labor Stories for Children. Labor displays are a great way to educate the public about the history of the union movement and its potential for social transformation. If you are interested in creating a Labor History display at your Library and are looking for materials, send Ali an email. Or check out this great reading list provided by our union.



Read your contract and know your rights!

When you have a problem on the job, when you need information about your rights, when you want to know how to get involved, see a steward. Your steward provides leadership for the union in your work area.

AFSCME 2822 Stewards

Steward Phone Department/Location
Genae Nicole
Chief Steward
612-543-3366 MHP
Grain Exchange Building
Erlene Olson
Chief Steward
612-596-8000 Records (Public Safety Facility) Sheriff
Walter Hanson 612-543-0272 Service Center
Brookdale Service Center
Sarah Sosa 612-543-2199 HSPHD
Lynn Stetler 612-543-6409
Hopkins Library


Stewards receive training that helps them to address problems in the work place. They've become familiar with our contract by studying its provisions, answering questions from co- workers and investigating grievances.

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The officers of AFSCME 2822 contribute their time and expertise to serving our local.

Officers were nominated during the February 2014 membership meeting. All nominees were unopposed. For more information about officers click "read more" below.

Local 2822 Officers

Lynn Stetler

Vice President Dirk Schot 612-543-8426
Treasurer Walter Hanson 612-543-0270
Recording Secretary Jeanne Whetstone 612-543-6357
Chief Steward Genae Nicole 612-543-3366
  Erlene Olson 612-596-8000
Membership Secretary Rita Watson 612-596-7843
E-Board at Large Valerie Wiggins 612-596-8000
  David Salmon 612-543-8585
  Tykesha Crouch 612-348-9964
  Sarah Sosa 612-543-2199
Trustee Keven Larson 612-543-6463
  Jim Ruiz 612-543-6729
  Lucia Smida 612-596-0825
Delta Dental Trustee Ann Baird 612-543-0270
Good & Welfare Heather Clark 612-543-8523


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The constitution lays out the rules that govern our local. Read more >>>

The Standing Rules set  financial and other procedures of our local. Read more >>>

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